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#ProjectCatchBigPips – How Project Catch Big Pips Is Going To Help You Win Big in Forex

What is #ProjectCatchBigPips

What is “Project Catch Big Pips?” this is basically an idea I have which will be my current main focus in “Forex Learning Group. As mentioned in my recent FB Live video on my FB page,  I noticed that it is a common challenge for many self-taught Forex Traders to hold trades for as long as needed in order to collect big pips, like 80 pips profit and above, for a single trade.

Many retail forex traders out there tend to close their trades too early due to fear and anxiety. While the concepts to making big pips may be simple, I noticed even within my community of traders that when it comes down to it, making “Big Pips” in forex trading is actually counter-intuitive. Therefore, I decided to come up with this project #ProjectCatchBigPips, with the goal to find you a trade setup that is worth at least 250 pips, and then walk you through the process of entering it, managing it, and locking in that profit!

Watch this video for more information on this project.

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To get started, simply click over here to go over to my Facebook page, and send a message to the admin “Forex Learning Group” to get started!

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I’m actually building a auto-reply messenger bot that should be ready within the next 1-2 days that will help you quickly get into my group so that you can learn how to start taking these big profitable forex trades ASAP!

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