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#ProjectCatchBigPips EURUSD Breaks 1.12 – Earn 300-700 pips on EURUSD Regardless of Whether If Moves Up or Down!

EURUSD broke 1.12 in the last day after a week of bearish price action. What should Forex Traders do? How should they trade this? As part of #ProjectCatchBigPips, a project where I plan to hand-hold you and land you your first big forex profit trade, I see big opportunity in this trade setup. Not only EURUSD, even correlated pairs! I will soon explain in a video.

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[Youtube Live Video] Earn 300-700 pips on EURUSD Regardless of Whether If Moves Up or Down!

This is a R-A-W un-cut video to give you some very useful ideas on how to earn 300-700 pips on EURUSD, since it broke 1.12.

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