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How To Apply “The Law Of Attraction” To Give You More Trading Profits and a Better Life

If you haven’t already known, alot of the success I have achieved is due to applying the principles of the #LawOfAttraction. Sure, I may be a trader, coach, and online entrepreneur. These attributes may have NOTHING to do at all to the Law of Attraction at face value, then again, it has everything to do with it. In this post, I wish to inspire you with my journey, and also give you the necessary steps to applying the Law of Attraction in your life, so that you can gain more profits in your trading, and more happiness and fulfilment in your life.

How The Law of Attraction Was True For Me

After I failed in my tennis academy business 6-7 years ago and wound myself up in 6-figure debt from rental, advertising, and payrolls (on top of car loan and home mortgage!), I couldn’t imagine that be doing any of the things I do today, let alone live in a detached house, with 2 fully-modified sports cars (and 3 cats). I am fully thankful that I found out about the Law of Attraction. I’m about to show you a picture beneath this one, that I flashed a long long time ago on my personal FB during my internet marketing days, and since then lost it. Couldn’t find the file.. till now. Warning… it may be graphic and shocking!

Julian Wong 3 Cars Garage

Actually for a brief period, I had 2 cars and a SUV!

I Was Once A Goner!

I’ve shown this picture not more than a few times – also because I couldn’t find it till now. This was taken at the peak of my 6-figure debt. My apartment was going into foreclosure because I couldn’t meet the minimum payment. My son was newly born. I didn’t shop for clothes in years. I didn’t have a haircut for months! My children had to wear hand-downs. I was weary and haggard. My then-wife because I had nothing to offer her or her family. I had ZERO idea that in a few years, I would be a recognised Youtuber for Binary Options and Forex, a teacher and inspiration to many, and literally warp from being down in the dumps, to owning multiple properties.

poor julian

Would you also like to make a big transition for the better in your life?

Chances are, if you’ve read this far, you also would. 

The Problem With How “The Law of Attraction” Is Usually Shared and Taught

When I first found out about this – I faced a SERIOUS PROBLEM!

I could never sit through Bob Proctor’s “The Secret” movie without falling asleep, and neither could I relate to the books on this topic enough to make me want to see them through from cover to cover!

As you will know from the video, and even infer from my little sharing above that I love teaching. In fact, when I had to wind down my tennis business, I feared I’d never get to teach and impact lives again. I did eventually get to do so via The Forex Lab and The Binary Lab.

[Video Lesson] : Learn To Apply “The Law of Attraction” In Just 30 Minutes!

True to my love and passion for teaching and inspiring others, I recorded this live video with a goal to help anyone watching it apply The Law of Attraction to your life, so that if you’re a trader, you can get better results. Also, as a person, you will benefit from a more rewarding and happy life.

So today, I have for you a video I made with plenty of relatable day-to-day easy examples and analogies, to help you understand and apply these principles into your life!

Watch The Video Now (Or just hit “Play” and listen to it while you’re driving or doing something else!)

Advice: In order to get the most benefit from this, you will want to hear the contents of this video at least twice!

To your success,


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Dad of 3 Kids. Son of floor-traders/broker parents. Born with ADHD and Aspergers which makes me "emotionally retarded" (according to my wife), but that also gives me special abilities in pattern recognition. Been involved in financial derivatives since 16. Enjoys playing tennis. Sings like Josh Groban. Aspiring to DJ in large music festivals.

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