Forex Learning Group

What Is The Forex Learning Group?

If you actually learn how the F.O.R.E.X. market ticks, when and why it moves up or down, and how you can take full advantage of it, then this program is for YOU.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn to trade the forex markets in any kind of market conditions – whether its consolidating, ranging, or breaking out. Because  The Forex Learning Group Syllabus was developed from the ground up, and the teachings have been rebuilt and updated and will continue to be updated to be current with today’s Forex Markets.

What’s Different About Forex Learning Group vs Other Programs on Forex?

As it’s been months since starting this program, when I look back, I see 2 very unique value propositions (USPs) with the Forex Learning Group program vs other programs out there.

The 1st USP – I have  years of experience as a Binary Options trader and Mentor.

Having traded and taught Binary Options to over 5000 students for 6 years prior to this – which is a much more turnover-intensive form of trading, I perceive the market very differently from what most syllabi will teach you – such as in the ways I set my stop losses and take profits. For instance, many places will tell you to place your stop loss at the previous swings’s high or low, and set your profit at a static figure of 1.5 or 2x of your stop loss. I find this unnecessary and obsolete because as a binary trader who is used to “early sell back to broker” the trades that don’t have a chance of working out, I have come to realise that stop losses actually can be placed might tighter, and this will greatly maximise your Profit:Risk Ratio. Furthermore, “Take Profit” as I see it is a very dynamic figure. Why won’t you take a 9:1 or 13:1 ratio if it’s available to you? Right?

The 2nd USP – I Walk The Trenches With YOU.

If you were with me from Day 1 in Forex Learning Group, you’d literally be simultaneously encountering (or re-encountering) Forex with me. In my students Telegram group (you’ll get to join this once you’re in!) I see your success and struggles and this gives me alot of information to tweak and enhance my program and approaches to trading forex. You’re late, but don’t fret. It’s never too late. The market is always evolving, and I’ll always be updating my trainings based on YOUR QUESTIONS AND FEEDBACKS!

Some shots from the Telegram group…

How Will You Be Teaching Me?

I will be teaching you in a 4-prong approach – through pre-recorded lessons, through weekly webinars, through case study videos + Q&A in my students Telegram group, and BONUS: through lessons on how to set and backtest forex strategies in automated trading.

My modular webinars that were recorded with a live panel of students. As most of my students at the time of recording were either totally new, or crossing over from trading another kind of market (binary options, stocks, CFDs), I have recorded my trainings in such a way that it will be easy to understand for beginners, and yet highly relevant for experienced traders.

Past Forex Webinars Collection

I highly recommend you join and fully involve yourself in my Telegram forex trading students group because the more you share and ask, the more you learn and the more I can help you progress in your journey.

Here is an example snippet of my trade case studies regularly sent out in my Telegram group.


Do You Teach Scalping?

Yes I do teach scalping. The scalping I teach may not be the scalping you expect. Did you know that in Forex you have to pay either spread or commission or a combination of both? This is the reason why many people who tried scalping on M1 find that you make little, and lose alot. The scalping that I teach is for M5 charts (5 minute). This approach, and this timeframe generates far better success ratio, and ensures that a high reward:risk ratio – even up to 3:1, can be obtained!

Forex Learning Group - How To Scalp

My Promise: I Will Help You Discover Your Own Ideal Forex Trading Style

Having said that, most of my training cover making trades on M15, H1 and H4 which take place over the period of over an hour, a few hours or a few days. The reason for that is the higher reward to risk. Right now, you may feel as though scalping is the only way to make quick money on Forex. You’d be surprised to find out that the actual time spent in front of the computer for these longer trades is much less, and also, the reward is much higher. It is possible to get 9% profit on just 2% risk in some exceptional cases – but 5% on 2% risk is very common in these longer expiries vs when scalping. But at the end of the day, once you’re inside the Forex Learning Group, if you reach out to me, I’ll help you discover the trading style you are most comfortable with.