How To Get High Leverage and PAMM Trading Facilities If You Live in Canada, Europe, or UK?

If you have been frustrated with not being able to trade binary options, or not being able to trade Forex with EAs because the leverage is too low, or you aren’t allowed to hedge, you’re in the right place! Read on this page, and you’ll be able to run EAs, and trade with high-leverage – in just a few clicks!

Why Did the Regulators Limit Forex Trading Leverages Down to Just 1:30, 1:50?

ESMA (Ass-mar!), CYSEC, FCA and the rest basically started acting on each others’ cue to curtail leverages and other features as measures to protect losers from losing too much, and becoming too much of a victim to the brokers out there.

jackie chan meme esma why you so stupid

Then comes the argument, why are the rest of us traders- the better ones, subject to the unreasonable terms that protect the ones that shouldn’t even be trading? Unfair right?

Didn’t the complainers read the fine print that says “losses may exceed gains… you should only invest money you can afford to lose…” No they didn’t.

Sure, it’s well and good that we should be protected from killing our accounts in 1 big trade, but most people with a bit of common sense should know you aren’t supposed to be putting everything on the line for one trade. Also, ample trade margin is required for people who want to run EAs, because many EAs open more than a few trades. We need more leverage for more margin to place trades.

Here Comes The Good News About Forex Trading Leverage For Those in Regulated Countries…

Did you know that many brokers today do not actually require a work permit or long-term visa proof to grant you trading privileges so long you’re not in a trading-regulated country? (I.e. USA, Canada, Europe, UK). You could simply go for an extended vacation, or go on few month’s stay in a foreign land, and you could be set! I have a complete blog post about this (in fact it’s the post where alot of this is extracted from). Read the full blog post HERE.

Getting high 1:500, 1:1000 leverage, no First-in First Out (FIFO) limitations, Hedging, is EASY-PEASY!

Some examples? If you stay in USA, there’s Costa Rica and Mexico nearby! Wanna avoid the cold winters in Canada? Then travel to tropical Asia! Bored of the gloomy afternoons in London? How about the nice sunny beaches of Bali or Pattaya?

Trading By The Beach In Asia

Let’s face the facts – These overboard (silly) regulations by the CFTC, ESMA, CYSEC, FCA are dealing big hits on broker’s businesses by restricted the customers they can accept. And even if they can keep accepting the same customers, by not being able to offer the trading privileges and facilities customers are used to, don’t you think some traders will be cheesed off?

Nowadays, there are many brokers that ONLY REQUIRE you to show a proof of address that you’re residing outside countries where trading is regulated and restricted to extend to you features not available to those in the regulated areas! It’s true! You can even check with live-chat on this.

Easiest Proof of Addresses To Obtain That Are Accepted By Most Forex or Binary Brokers

  1. Post Paid Phone Bill  – The easiest proof of address to get is a post-paid phone bill. If you’re renting a place – even if it’s just a service apartment or airbnb, set up your automatic bill payment on credit card and you can easily have the bill sent to the address of the place. You can cancel your bill arrangement when you no longer plan to live in that country.
  2. Utility Bill/Internet Bill – If you rent an entire place, you can sometimes arrange to have the bill in your name rather than the owners’.
  3. Bank Statement – This may be difficult depending on country – but there’s no harm in trying your luck! You’ll be surprised that many banks in foreign countries are foreigner-friendly when it comes to opening bank accounts. Here’s a tip: Local banks often offer a lower minimum deposit  compared to the international banks like HSBC, Citibank, OCBC, UOB – but in countries where the local banks say you can’t open an account, try the foreign ones for the final answer.

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you names of brokers who do this, because they do not want to be known to do so, as it’s a grey area.

The Other Way: Professional Trader Certification

Did you know that many brokers also do extend high leverage and other cool trading features to those who live in regulated countries who obtain a professional trader certificate? Now you know. You can study and take the text to receive this.

you sure you want to study meme

The question then, is do you really want to study for it?

HF Markets, Think Markets, and even – and many other brokers can actually extend to you “Forbidden Financial Features” if you hold this honorary certification.

But if it’s just about trading forex, you may not even need to go through all that trouble.

How To Get The Forex Trading Privileges of Non-Regulated Countries RIGHT NOW Without Waiting Till You Set Up Your Digital Nomad Life Overseas?

However, if you don’t want to have to wait till 3 months from now spent in a foreign land, and want to start trading right away, I can actually offer you links to 2 really good Forex Brokers right now that also extend the full slew of trading facilities and features to you – even if you’re in Canada, Europe, UK!

They way these Forex brokers do so legally, is that they have multiple entities. When you deposit money, it goes to the CYSEC/ESMA/FCA-regulated entity for instance, but they give you trading privileges via the off-shore entity. More are more big-name brokers in the Forex industry are also going this route, so that they can openly accept people in more countries. I expect that maybe Binary brokers will also follow suit?

Click on either of these brokers below to get started!

Brokers That Can Offer You High Leverage Even Before You Become A Digital Nomad!

Recommended Broker: Fullerton Markets

Quick Honest Fullerton Markets Review: Fullerton Markets is NOT a regulated broker. I’ve met the boss, Mario Singh, who is well-known as a Trade Analyst on CNBC, ABS-CBN, and Bloomberg, and in case you didn’t know, they are actually the biggest broker in Asia due to their large B2B dealings with private fund managers (made possible by their fund safety features).

On top of that, because of their Trustee-Insurance and Segregated Accounts, they offer even more funds security than regulated brokers. Just to name a case. Hallifax Securities (Australia) went bust and couldn’t pay the investors who invested with them. This cannot happen with Fullerton Markets, client funds go to a custodial account and receive insurance from Lloyd’s of London. You can check out their policy details HERE. They are a STP broker, and their variable spreads and execution times are among the best. EA trading and PAMM trading is available to ALL countries they accept. Maximum leverage is 1:500. Their Copypips platform offers traders like me the best of both worlds – it is well stream-lined and all I need to do is work on my own account’s position sizing, and they will proportionally open the correct size trades on client’s accounts at the server level. You can read more about PAMM trading on my Forex Managed Accounts Page. I will be starting to offer my trade signals on their CopyPips platform very soon. Open Your Live or Demo Here!

Recommended Broker: FX Primus

Quick Honest FXPrimus Review: FX Primus is regulated under CYSEC, FSCA, VFSC. I currently am a PAMM master at FxPrimus, a.k.a. Primus Markets. What I like about them is the quick execution, and low commission for ECN trades. Their variable spreads also beat many broker’s ECN commission+spread rates. They also offer swap-free accounts. After starting a PAMM account here (info on my PAMM Page), I find my same FireYourBossV2 system more profitable here than on FXTM due to the lower spreads, and no swap. As a trader an IB, after being ripped off by other brokers, I feel that FXPrimus provides great conditions to both traders and IBs alike – by being able to pay me good volume conditions while still offering clients the most competitive spreads. Leverages here goes up to 1:500 for PAMM but for personally-traded accounts, it can go up to 1:1000 (you’ll need to request via live chat). Because they have several entities, which offer restricted or unrestricted leverage, if you want all the trading perks, be sure to sign up using their Vanuatu entity using this link (this is an un-shortened link to ensure you arrive on the right page):

Click Here to Sign Up ==>