Forex Managed Accounts (PAMM)

What Is Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM)?

What you need to know about PAMM, is that it is the most reliable form of “trade duplication” or “trade copy” or “copy trading” – depending how you want to call it. The reason for this is because when you follow a master trader’s account via PAMM, you are duplicating his trades VERBATIM at the broker level!

If the master trades full-time, or uses an automated system to trade 24/5, you are literally enjoying the power of having round-the clock traders work for you, while you just go about your regular lifestyle. This is the best way to have more, without doing more!

In the later sections on this page, you will get to find out about an automated 24/5 trading system I created with the purpose of making my cash work harder for me so that I can have more time to spend with my family, friends, and other passions.

How Is PAMM Different and Better Than Copy Trading?

PAMM is more than just copy-trading. It doesn’t simply use a software script to replicate trades from a master account onto receiving accounts. Trade copy softwares typically work in such as manner as

Master Account > Signal Service Server > Receiving “Slave” Accounts

There’s so much chance for lag!

  • There’s lag between when the trade is taken to when to trade copy EA script processes and sends the trade to the 3rd party signal server.
  • There’s lag when the signal server receives, processes and sends out the signal to the client accounts
  • There’s lag when the client account receives, processes and executes the signal on the client account.
  • Trades may be missed due to slippage filters detect too much a trade price discrepancy between the master account’s trade and the client’s account.

What if clients use different brokers that have different price feeds or spread? It can get a whole lot worse… and I haven’t even started talking about high-volatility conditions yet!

Just too many things can go wrong. You can go through forums and easily find scores of people who complain why the master account does well while they struggle to be profitable.

This are the reasons why I refuse to be on signal systems like “Signal Start”, “AutoTrade” etc. Here’s an email from Signal Start I never bothered to respond to.

Why I couldn't be bothered to list on signalstart

Wouldn’t you rather something like this:

Trade Taken on Master Account = Trade Taken On Your Account

What I like about PAMM, is that the trade “copying” is done at the broker level. The slave accounts that follow the master account will receive the EXACT trade asset trades at the EXACT price, EXACT time, and the EXACT proportion! This is the truest form of trade copying.

Join a Good Forex PAMM Service. Not Just Any!

If you read my blog post on “What’s The Best Way to Trade Forex”, I mentioned that selecting a PAMM, you should know first how it works.

My PAMM system, called the FireYourBossV2, is a fully-automated, self-managing system which trades in both directions, and takes periodic consistent profit from the market. It will exit a call when the uptrend has run out of steam, and add additional trades to the correction so that it can come back to the starting point price level with a profit. It also has capabilities to scalp the market when it is range bound.

Here’s a link to the MyFXBook Statistics for this account.

How Does the FireYourBossV2 Forex PAMM System Work?

Here is a video to give you practical examples you can view, on how my PAMM system, the “FireYourBossV2” works.

What Other Smart Features Does FireYourBossV2 PAMM Have?

You might also be interested in how my latest tweak feature “Recovery Trailing Stop” works in minimising margin requirement and loss, and maximising profit.

Most hedging and martingale EAs simply open more and larger trades when the market goes in the opposite direction of the trades made by the EA, hoping to get a good recovery when the price retraces.

When I created this system, I realised that there is a common often-wasted price behaviour that can happen. If you look at the area between the red lines drawn in the video below, you will realise that there is truly a lot of pips that can be had IF ONLY we took advantage of the channel-bound movements within that marked range. In the examples I will show you in this video, you will even see that there are situations where we can make enough profit just capturing repeated drops or rises within the range that we can even close out the entire basket of trades without worrying about what the running loss is, because we would have made more than that!

Watch this clip! 

How To Get Started?

Click to watch either of these videos to watch the instructions on getting started and setup.

Joining FireYourBossV2 PAMM on FXPrimus

Here are the steps to link up with my PAMM Program.


Step 2: Deposit $500 or more (this is the minimum required for joining PAMM)

Step 3: Follow instructions in this video.

Note: My system “FireYourBossV2” can be found via the “Ratings” tab after you’ve logged into your PAMM dashboard. Alternatively, you may first login to your PAMM dashboard and then click

Joining FireYourBossV2 PAMM on FXTM Invest

Here are instructions on how to join my “FireYourBossV2” PAMM system via FXTM.

(You DON’T need to select any account type)

Step 2: Select “FXTM Invest”

Step 3: Follow instructions in the system in locating and selecting my system.

Step 4: Deposit $100 or more to automatically activate the automated trading!

Note: How much you invest in my FireYourBossV2 PAMM depends on how much you transfer from your main FXTM “My Money” section to your FXTM Invest trading account that’s dedicated to my system.